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New Jobs and Income. Anson will directly employ nearly 25,000 people with an annual payroll of more than $868 million. Through the multiplier effect, an additional 12,000 jobs and $316 million in payroll will be created at other businesses in Boone County that will serve Anson businesses and their employees, along with additional impacts outside Boone County. New Public Revenues. Direct retail sales and employee spending at Anson will generate an estimated $6.8 million annually in direct and indirect income tax revenues for local government, and an additional $92 million in state sales and personal income tax revenues
New Local Spending. The health service, retail, office, technology and warehouse/distribution businesses are expected to make local purchases for various equipment, supplies and services. The employees of these businesses will also make a significant amount of local purchases. The effect of business and employee purchases combined will generate a total economic impact of at least $3.2 billion in Boone County each year.   Construction.The total cost of construction for the nonresidential components is estimated at $810 million over a 14-year period. For Boone County, this translates into a total construction impact of more than $1 billion, 12,900 jobs in construction and related supplier industries, and $453 million in construction payroll from 2006 to 2010.
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