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What if you studied everything known about healthy, successful communities before platting the first lot and turning the first shovel of dirt? Suppose you set out to create a place where people live, play, and do business in surroundings that strengthen them and encourage their well-being in every way?

What if it were expressly designed to encourage connections between people and all the aspects of their lives – and managed to respect and celebrate the proud traditions of central Indiana, while staying focused firmly at an even brighter future? There’s no need to wonder, because that’s exactly what we are creating in a place we call Anson.



SUSTAINABLE DESIGN. Anson is a sustainable community based on economic development and the health and well-being of the community – not just for today, but for generations to come.

WALKABLE DISTRICTS. An overriding principle of Anson’s design is an abundance of green spaces and interconnecting walkways, parks, pathways and gathering places.

NEIGHBORHOOD AND COMMUNITY. The Anson spirit of neighborhoods is a sense of place, purpose and belonging that connects people, their lifestyles, their workplaces and their community.

DESIGN STANDARDS. Anson adheres to careful design and construction guidelines, creating healthy homes, buildings and surroundings where recycling, conserving and preserving are part of everyday living.

GROWTH. Anson is a place where people and commerce can grow and thrive together through cooperative partnerships with education, government and community resources. Anson encourages and fosters personal and economic vitality, viability and growth.


Anson's architectural vocabulary is derived from traditional Indiana/Midwestern design elements, but updated to reflect current cultural styles, work styles and lifestyles. The architecture encompasses all the best from the area's rural heritage - porches, dormers, entryways, tree lined sidewalks and streets, neighborhood parks - while still reflecting today's modern culture.

HEALTH AND RECREATION. Anson is designed for healthy lifestyles and well-being. Walking and biking trails, sports fields, community and fitness centers, parks and open spaces offer abundant opportunities to be active.

EDUCATION AND LEARNING. Anson offers enrichment opportunities at all levels including schools, research and learning centers, conference facilities and nature parks.

CULTURE AND THE ARTS. At Anson, generous amounts of space are included for public art and music, outdoor and indoor galleries, and other performance venues.

TRADITIONS AND TECHNOLOGY. Anson embraces the rich traditions and values of  Indiana’s past while delivering the technology and modern conveniences of the future.


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